Everyday is not same, never

‘The same monotonous life’ ‘nothing new’ ‘grinding in everydaylife’ these are the common words we used to hear frequently from the people around us.

I think everyday is different. May be sometimes our routine does not change, we are not doing something new or different, but surroundings changes. Colour of the daylight changes, changes smell of wind. Sun rises and sets differently spreading different hues in the sky. Someday wake up with bright sun. Someday sky loaded with heavy cloud come downs to the crown of the trees. Sometimes overheard conversation en route to the work, gives glimpse of a story, shoot up our imagination. Sometimes aroma of self-cooked food makes us nostalgic, reminds our childhood.

All these things touch us for a moment. Then those small moments of amusement just slipped off from our mind very easily. Colours fade away and we think life is Dull, repetitive, Monotonous.

In this blog I am trying to catch those colours and looking at the palette, life is offering.


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