Flamingos in Camargue, France

At the entrance of Camargue bird park (Le Parc Ornithologique du Pont de Gau), we asked the man at counter ‘which area of the park is good to see flamingo?’ He made a face, waved his hands around and said ‘they are everywhere.’

Yess….. they were everywhere, thousands and thousands. We have seen them from the beginning of the trail; even sitting in the cafe we can see they are wandering with long neck and matching long pink leg in the adjacent wetland.



We have driven to Camargue from Nice, decided to visit the park in late afternoon as we wanted to see the evening flight of the birds. From around 3 pm we have spent couple of hours there. Although the notorious mosquitos have not allowed us there till sunset, in the short span of time we have experienced a lot. We have seen flamingos playing, fighting, marching, fluttering and flying.


Flamingo couples are always in harmony


As the sun goes down they marched from one area to another probably heading to their nest.

Marching of flaminogs
Marching of flaminogs


Stretching neck and leg, expanding large wings, flight of this tall bird is a magnificent scene




  1. Spectacular, beautiful , I have no words somu to describe the awesome photos you have clicked of the flamingo’s…… hats off to u dear

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