Taking unusual path is rewarding—a lesson learnt from nature

Instead of my regular path for strolling I took a trail in forest. All I wanted was a change. A change in my routine walk, a change in the scenes on both side of my way.

Although it was not an ideal day to stroll in the forest. It was raining time to time. Walking was not very smooth. Dirty muddy water was splashing if I am not very careful to set my foot.IMG_20150502_115851

In that cloudy, dim day grooves of the forest were darker, more mysterious and charming. At the beginning of spring new leaves were coming, forest was becoming greener and greener. The first spring bloom, small, white flowers were covering foot of the trees. IMG_20150509_115818

A fresh, wet smell in the air filled my heart and chest. A cool, wet breeze touched my face. I took a dee..p breath, so refreshing and revitalizing. That is all I needed.

I learnt from mother nature that walking through unusual path, which is not so smooth is the rewarding one.



  1. Really its true, v need to learn from nature n more than tat should respect nature, gods magical creations……, u described it in a brief n simple way. Great!

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