4 reason to visit Provence/ France in April

Although tourists mostly visit Provence in summer to see famous lavender bloom,

Provence has much to offer in April

1) Pleasant weather– this could be the sole reason to visit Provence in April. Sunny weather but not too hot. Perfect for outing, perfect for picnic. Weather is the most important ingredient for a perfect holiday. Who wants to stay indoor in holiday?

2) Spring bloom– France is amazing in spring. As we were driving, nascent green leaves from the hill greeted, eruption of flowers on the trees mesmerized us.


Many large gardens on the roadside attracted our eyes, trees covered with white flowers. we were wondering what are those beautiful flowers, are they apple farm? Or are they cherry blossom? Finally the owner of a Café where we stopped by clarified that those are almond flower.

Almond flower
Almond flower

Wow this is almond flower!! I have a print of Van Gogh’s famous almond blossom painting. That is hanging on my living room wall for years and now I got chance to see the live almond flower.

No wonder Van Gogh made his famous ‘almond blossom’ painting during his stay in France.

3) Abundance of flamingos in Camargue- If you are interested in wild life, bird watcher, photographer or nature lover do not miss Camargue in April. March to May is the mating time of flamingos. In summer many of them flies to north in search of a colder place. To know what we have seen in April please go through two of my previous posts

a) 12 awsome photos of Flamongos I have clicked and b) Flamingos in Camargue, France

4) Fishing in Lac de Ste-Croix and Gorges du Vedron– These places world wide known for a large varieties of fishes are the most attractive place for people who love fishing. And the fishing season starts in April. 


We were there on 18th of April, 2015. Fishing season started on that very day, from early morning small fishing boat was dotting the calm green water of Lac de Ste-Croix.




  1. Oh My God !!! this came out from my mouth after seeing the beautiful almond flowers….. they r lovely n I hv seen them here in India so many times but seeing this picture of almond flowers I was shocked !! my god….

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  2. What a great looking page! We are definitely going to have to plan a trip to France now! The new font looks great too. It’s nice and clean. Great work!

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  3. Thanks a lot Gaia for your feedback. yes france is amazing, it is so diverse, there is something interesting for everyone


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