5 skills I want to learn from my toddler

  1. Tirelessness

She is always bubbling with energy never get tired. In the evening when my energy level is decreasing fast and she is still full of it, I wish I could have …..

Give me some of your energy- Drawn by Somdatta Deb

2. Uninhibited Communication

She communicates with any person so naturally. Language, age is no bar. She goes to anyone smiles and talk in her own baby language. Do not care about what others are thinking, make eye contact, compelled people to give attention.

3. Language learning skill

She is picking up language so fast, learning new words everyday. While I am struggling to learn Finnish language for years.

4. Learning something new everyday

Everyday when my husband returns in the evening, I start ‘ you know toady she learned this’, ‘Now she is able to do that’ ….etc. etc.

5. Continuously finding new challenges and overcoming

Sitting – Done

Standing – Done

Walking – Done

Climbing – Done

What next?? Flying!!


  1. hiii Somu… its very true… toddlers r full of energy n jus want to explore all things around them n they get bore also quickly so switch to another new thing…. they teaching us to move on… with your life…. if you are frustrated dont sit or stop…. switch to another thing…… :):) .. and nice sketch you made….. really all moms or anyone who r taking of little ones hv tat same expression as in your sketch :(:( but at the end v get immense happiness in bringing up a little one… this happiness is precious.. no money needed for this experience or any degree or qualification….. v jus need to b a mother to do this job n get the happiness… cheers….. n all the best to you…..for bringing her up…. 🙂 take care. Rakhi


  2. and I forget to mention.. seeing your sketch it seems you r a great artist n a creative, imaginative person…..


    • Oh nice. so you are now at the second phase of this experience. First phase was with your children and now with grand children.


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