4 of my 5 senses is telling it is summer in Finland

It is raining, it is cold, it is windy. Everyone in Finland is complaining it is not summer, where is summer? Although today is mid summer day, still summer is far cry. But I can feel it is summer, 4 of my 5 senses are telling so.

Sight – clock showing it is night. Shops are closed. Roads are deserted, most of the people are already in bed. But it is not dark, sun is still awake. Looking at the sky it is difficult to believe that it is night. this nightless night happens in summer only.IMG_20150617_225102

Smell – Sweet fragrance of lilac is reminding me it is summerIMG_20150620_124645

Taste – berries, green peas and other fresh vegetables in open market are ready to give taste of summer.


Hearing – birds are calling relentlessly


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