Why thess photos of beaver and kits are special for me

DSC01123 DSC01205 Someday everything goes wrong; again someday we got beyond expectations. That is what happen the day I clicked these photos. I saw those beavers so unexpectedly. I was in Camargue Bird Park for watching and photographing birds. Suddenly saw this beaver. Then at the side of the trail I spotted those lovable kits. First time in my life I have seen beaver kits. Those cuddly, furry little creatures with a thin tail draws all my attention and affection. I had no idea that there was a possibility to see and click beaver. It was a surprise to me and those kits were additional surprise. I was so happy to take their picture. I realize that the world is offering much more than I wish.


  1. Somu, I was not aware Wat on earth this kits n beavers r,I m happy due to your posts, I m getting so much information on tat different world u r living in…… Keep posting dear.


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