How is it to stay in the medival old town of Arles

As we were approaching to our hotel in old town of Arles at the entrance of the town we had to stop. The road is closed. Baffled we then recall that a code was sent from hotel during booking confirmation. We thought that is the door code of the hotel, now understand that must be the code of this Gate.

We entered in a cobble stoned narrow road or more accurately in a lane. Narrow one way lane, tall stoned building were pressing the lane from both sides. Sharp bent of the lanes need really good driving skill to take turn without hitting the wall. Driving there by a non-local is almost next to impossible.

Every now and then GPS was loosing signal. We were circulating and circulating eternally in infinite number of one-way lane. Although we were very near to our destination could not find a way to rich there. Whenever we thought we are almost there the road was showing a no entry sign.


We asked direction to a policeman but he also could not help. It was so frustrating, it seems we are lost forever in a puzzle.

At last when we found the hotel, could not found the parking place. There was not any actual parking area of the hotel although the hotel said that there is. The guy in the reception took the key of our car and was changing the parking place time to time. One hour here and next two hours there like that.

The hotel in the old town was a unique very nice to stay in a medival atmosphere, a different feeling. All the places of interests were very close, walkable distance.

strolling in the old town
strolling in the old town

After seeing Arles I had no doubt Romans were in show business. They always needed stages, stadium and so on. While I am standing by the side of huge Amphitheater (Les Arènes), the roman theater (Théâtre Antique) is just behind me. They are juxtaposed.

Roman theatre
Roman theatre

With Huge amphitheater, old ruins, intricatedly designed cathedral  Arles looks like a piece of Rome in the land of France.

Saint-Trophime Cathedral
Saint-Trophime Cathedral


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