Fishing trip in archipelago sea with locals- an unforgettable afternoon

We were not ready for it, it was sudden but we jumped on our feet and said ‘yes’ when the proposal came. Kevin and Kerstin who knew us hardly for half an hour offered us to go with him for fishing. We were overwhelmed. We happen to meet when we were near their boathouse to enjoy the beautiful view.


The wooden boathouse standing on the water, fishing net hanging on it’s red wall allured us. Ridges of water disappearing inside the darkness of the house was attracting us. Even in our wild dream we had not imagine that on that very afternoon we would board on one of the boat in the boat house and set out for fishing in the sea.

boat house Collage

Setting net, fishing, everything was fun. The funniest part of the trip was when Kevin gave us control of the cruise. We were thrilled and overexcited.

PicMonkey Collage

Thanks to Kevin and Kerstin for giving us such a great experience

Kevin KerstinCollage



  1. This is second time I am visiting archipelageo. First one was in 2008. It is nice and different experience to cross bridges after bridges or crossing sea by ferry to hop one island to another.


  2. How delightful to read your posts about Finland! The photos from the fishing trip could easily have been taken in the U. S. state of Minnesota, where I grew up. My mother was first-generation American of Finnish descent, and my father the same, but of Swedish descent. Sadly, I never knew any of my grandparents (who immigrated to the US in the latter half of the 19th Century (!); they passed away before I was born. I so wish I had had the opportunity to get to know them, hear their stories. And while I lived in France during the mid 70s, I was unable to visit Finland or Sweden and look for family; I was young, and thought everything would be possible later on, but “life happens.” I now live in the Pacific Northwest in an area with lots of Finns! Meant to be, I guess. It’s so nice to read your blog and connect with you.

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    • I am so happy to connect with you. Never felt my blog so meaningful before. I am happy that I can reach you through my blog. It is amazing I am from India now settled in Finland. You are in USA, your ancestor from Finland. Somehow I felt that three continent is connected through blog.


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