8 things, happen when travelling with small child



Me and my husband have penchant of traveling. Even after birth of my daughter, in last 1.5 year we are traveling a lot and amazed to see the difference of traveling with and without small child. What happen is ..

1) Suitcase is almost full with a large pack of diapers. Other things squeeze in the nooks and grooves with difficulties.

2) Before visiting to another country, frantic Internet search to find what baby food is available there. As if we are traveling to another planet.

3) Whenever going to do packing the little one find everything to be packed is very interesting and the luggage is the best place to sit.

4) A lot of to do or not to do. Can we go for long drive or is it stressful for baby? Should we go for hiking or skip it? Should we take a baby stroller or a carrier?

5) No question of visiting museum, instead spending that time in park.

6) When tired going back to hotel does not mean you can take rest. Little one is then very energetic and you have to cope up.

7) Forgot about fine dinning, no tablecloth, no candle as we do not want a fire hazard.

8) At the end of the trip we always say ’Not ag..a…a.in. No trip in next few years.’ but again after some day start planning for next trip

This my list, do you have more? Please share yours.


One comment

  1. Nicely said😊 Very true for so many if us. As they grow up, only the pattern changes but the bottomline remains the same😊 We sometimes get irritated, frustrated but actually do enjoy every bit of it..

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