4 steps to choose my blog title


The second assignment of Blogging 101 is really challenging to me.

Looking back, when I decided to start my blog, did lot of brain storming for the blog title and tagline. It was hard and now it is harder to change/ refine those and find the better one.

How did I choose my blog title?

First I decided the blog type. Well, It is personal blog. It is about things in a very common everyday life.

1) So I thought something title incorporating the word diary or daily life will be good. What about ‘reflecting everyday’ ‘telling tell of everyday life’. Then it seems those words somehow creating an expectation of daily posting, I was sure I am not going to post everyday.

2) This blog includes everything of my life then does the simple title, ‘everything around me’ works? No, may be not. I am going to write not only events or happening in my life but I also want to write down my thought.

3) So what about ‘from the life from the mind’. When I reread the title it sounds to me title of some body- mind related blog or well being blog.

4) Then I tried to figure out why I want to write about my everyday life? because there is something in my life. What is that? There is always something happening. We see a lot, learn a lot, lot of changes happen, changes in places, changes of our role, changes of perspective. Isn’t it too much for a single life? Then it came to my mind ‘ one life million shades’

After that the tag line ‘exploring colours in so- called monotonous life’

Now when thinking of a better title or blog title, I am too reluctant too change my blog title because I just do not want to abandon the previous one.

Dear readers what do you suggest should I change those? Is it not understandable? What about the tag line ‘As I see life/ world’ is it better? Please give your feedback.



  1. I love your current title! It reminds me of how many different things and perspectives that can occur in one day or in an entire lifetime! Some events are happy- yellow days and others are a more somber gray or blue. I think you’ve nailed the title assignment!

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  2. It’s a wonderful title and tagline…if you are happy with it and it still describes your blog well…there’s no need to change it in my opinion…I think the important part is the thinking through the reason behind it. It really is a beautiful title and tagline!

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    • Thanl you josselavallee for giving me feedback. it is very important to get feedback from others. Everything may looks ok in my eyes, but readers view is more important.

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