It is harvesting time and we are on the road


Another crazy outing. We are on the road. We have no destination. We don’t want to go any where, just want to flow through the winding road enjoy the yellow, green field on both side.


Bounty of mother earth pulled us out from home. It is harvesting time. We are out to see the gorgeous beauty of crop field. Fields are overflowing with ripen crops.


Blue sky, green wavy lands. wires of power line synchronizing with the wave. Flocks of small birds diving in that wave.


Green fields are checked/dissected with squares of brown yellow and golden. Stills some daisies are there bordering the field.


we are stopping every now and then when there is place to stop. In the bus stop, by the meadow, to see the dazzling lake, in search of a way to beach. We are excited to see the direction of a beach again not disheartened when could not figure out the proper way to the beach. because today we only interested in what is on our way, not at the end of the path.



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