8 Photos showing blue magic of Nice

Azure sea, blue sky… it’s all blue, blue and blue. The white pebble beach in contrast to blue sea is enhancing the colour further.DSC02334

As we sit and enjoy the view an airplane crossing over the sea or flying seagull add a dramatic effect on the viewDSC02352.JPG


The blue spell continued as we go up to Parc du Chateau. The view from the top of the rock is awesome. The brick red roof on one side and the blue sea on the other. Thin white crescent beach lined with palm tree bordering between red and blue.DSC02383


Looking at either direction up or down, it’s all blueDSC02373.JPG

Sometimes the color of the water is unbelievable, can’t believe my own eyes, is it natural colour!!  DSC02385

View of the port from the other  side of the rockDSC02386



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