A bit of trick and a pinch of luck- I took splendid photos of Winter in Helsinki

This year photographing snow in Helsinki was little bit tricky. At the beginning of winter there was dearth of snow in Helsinki. Then when snow comes and it compensates the initial dearth, snow snow everywhere even on the tree. The white beauty mesmerized me.

I felt the urge to capture the dazzling white beauty in my camera. But it was tremendous cold, -20 or below. I have not dare to expose my finger from the warmth of thick gloves.

In contrast when temperature was not so low the day was gloomy, too low light does not gave the desired photo.

Then temperature raises, it rain and everything gone, I am lucky that at last I could capture some good snaps before that. How?

1) took the advantage of a bus ride to avoid the cold bite, sat near the door. When bus stops and doors open up, took the photo from the bus


2) cleaned the car window very well and took snaps from the car



3) did not went far, just looked around the neighborhood. Got some interesting subjects, like this balck and white striped landscape

black and white stripes

This plant with snow on it looks like someone sitting covering his/her head with a white rug.

plant in the disguise of a rug covered human


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