How did I get that Magical vacation feeling in no-travel holidays

Why do we want to spend our vacation in places other than home? Because we want a change, we want to lay back and forget about work. We want to and go away from daily hassle which is difficult at home. This year it is more difficult when most of us are working from home. Difficult but not impossible- this is my realisation. How do I realise -here are four instances I am sharing with you,

Smell, sound, view, imagination little bit of this and little bit of that all are the ingredients of a magical vacation feeling.

A Mediterranean Sea beach landed at my backyard: With dripping hair after shower, I am having lunch at my terrace. The smell of freshly fried fish, sun at my back, touch of wet hair on my shoulder brings me back the feeling of a beach holiday. For a moment I can even smell the salty water in the air. It seems I am having my lunch at a seaside restaurant after enjoying a long relaxing swimming, fresh catch of the day is served on the plate and the restaurant owner is sharing his experience of early morning fishing.

Sound and relaxation: I was sitting by the water, leisurely watching floating clouds, away from fast life trying to unwind myself. I was in search of a quiet atmosphere to ease myself, to rest my mind. At my surprise I achieved this state not in silence but by a slow mild crrr… sounds. The reeling sound of a passing bicycle gave me a feeling that everything around me is in a slow space. I am in immersed in an unhurried world, nothing else exist.

Absorbing vacation mood from others: In a very busy time at a very busy street where people are rushing frantically or when people around you are in a worried face, it is very unlikely you can relax. On the contrary you will feel relaxed when you see others are also having leisure time. Surrounding matters, surrounding people matters, whether you know them or not whether you interact with them or not, mood is transmissible.

Watching other’s holiday activities when I do not have any is an enjoyment. When I watch from distance a family is uncovering their boat and getting the boat ready or kids making sand castle at the beach. The view delights me. The summer holiday mood catches me too.

Forest at my garden:We set up a tent at the garden. When inside the tent we do not see the outer world much only hear chirping of the birds, swaying of trees, watching moving shadows of the branches on the wall of the tent, easily I can imagine that I am camping in a deep forest. Only roaring of wild animal is missing.

How did you best spend your vacation in 2020?

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