What I did when the storm Aila hit Finland

This week one of the fierce storm hit Finland. While others were worried about power and water cut, tree falling and roof damage, I was concerned of my cherry plum in my garden. ‘ Strong wind will batter my plum tree, all those pink, soft, juicy fruits will shatter at the ground. Oh no!’- I could not think anymore. Therefore, I harvested before storm.

Then next question was what to do with that huge amount of plum. What is the best way to preserve those. I made my first-ever Chinese plum sauce.

Then put some effort on photography and posted my first food photo. Another first-ever.  Photo does not have taste. I tried to give a hint of texture and flavour to shoot up the imagination of taste.   

How do you like it? Is food photography one of your niche? Any tips for food photography?


  1. Love your plum sauce. Yummy.
    First picture is always a good memory. I would suggest to look for good light and go for few props -napkins, spoons, plates, textured clothes or shawls or anything to complete your food. Watch other pinterest pics and see how you can match with already available items of yours. Experiement with your camera/iphone lens. Start from there. Good Luck


    • Thank you very much for your suggestions of props. After your comment I have seen few pinterest pics and understand light from side is giving better effect than light from the top (Please correct me if I am wrong).


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