How my painting evolved

It started with the flowers at road side. The vibrant orange color of the poppy was my inspiration. I was impressed and fascinated to bring that vibrancy on my canvas.

I painted and hanged the canvas on the wall. It was there about a year until on a fine afternoon I discovered the outside trees are casting a shadow on my painting. I was astonished to see how the network of light and shadow added a dramatic effect.

Shadows on first version of the painting (by Somdatta Deb)

I reworked on the painting and the final result is below-

Poppy flowers by Somdatta Deb (oil on canvas)

Now every time I look at the painting I feel so satisfied and happy. The shadows not only enhance the contrast, it added some mystic effect to the painting and boost the imagination.

Do you ever rework on old painting?

Do you use shadows on canvas/ paper when painting?


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