Barösund- a perfect weekend destination near Helsinki

An island vacation, near yet different, easy to reach what else do you need for a short dream vacation?

Different: Isolated from the mainland, (reachable only by boat), Barösund is so different from other common places where bus, car and metro are means of commuting.

There is a guest harbor and refueling point. People are stopping by for refueling their boat, talking about fishing trip or continuation of their voyage.

Refueling point

At the evening the lady at the ice cream kiosk went back to home by her own boat. My little one was so impressed seeing that she sketched the scene instantly.

Ice cream seller on her way back to home

Beautiful: Baraöund is not only different it is beautiful. It has Rockey shore, abundance of nature, scenic view of archipelago and calmness.  

We stayed at Villa Sofia, amidst of the nature.

Wild: Thinly populated Barösund wilderness is well preserved. We have spotted wild deer in the evening.

Easy to reach: Barösund is located only 70 km from Helsinki at Inkoo region, accessible by free ferry.

To the ferry towards Barösund

The ferry takes you to Barösund with the car. Unlike many ferries you can cross the water just sitting in the car no need to come out and easy to maintain social distance.

Isn’t it very important this time? What is your favourite destination near your home town?

Ferry with cars arriving Barösund


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