How I gave depth perception to painting

At this time of the year in Finland, when sun is rarely seen, let the sunflowers bring brightness.

In this painting I wanted to add depth, create a sense of near and far. Two overlapping sunflowers in the foreground, indicating one is partially hiding behind another. I also added layers of light and shadow. Sunflowers are in the shade, light coming from back, some petals are backlighted.

Sunflowers- Oil on canvas

I painted some more elements to further enhance the depth. Angled fence, blur flowers and hazier landscape all are contributing to create a sense of distance.

There are several sunflower field around Helsinki, flower blooms in August / September. The inspiration behind this painting is one of such field.

Sunflower field at Puolarmetsä, Espoo


    • Since you acrylic and water colour, give oil also a try. You can find some courses online. Try to make layer of colour one after another, either different tone of same colour or layer of different colour.


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