I sacrificed my tooth paste for a noble cause

Amid corona pandemic people around the world fears running out of sanitizer, mask, toilet papers etc. In my neighborhood people were most worried about their stock of toothpaste and shampoo. They were worried that one fine morning they will find no toothpaste at home or at the middle of the shower no shampoo in the bottle, because those are the essential ingredients of DIY covid medicine.

DIY- Corona medicine

When parents are busy inside in their team meeting, kids devoted their time to make covid- 19 medicine with flour, toothpaste, shampoo and pine needle. Every day more and more ingredients like glitter and colour were added depending on the availability. When my daughter asked for tooth paste I did not deny, I also wanted to be part of the great innovation.

Medicine was ready but unfortunately no one was ready to test. There are still some bottles in my backyard, anyone want to try? May be this is the most effective one, who knows.

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