Three most memorable Easter trip

Once upon a time, when covid was not prevailing the world, easter holidays was meant for travelling. Some of my most memorable trip I made during easter. This is the best time to visit some places. For some of the places, this is the ‘best time to visit’.

1) In my list first come Camargue, France. Camargue is on the migration path for many birds, therefore spring is the best time to see a wide range of bird species. We walked through all the hiking trail and boardwalks, watched many species, mesmerised by thousands and thousands of flamingos. We were lucky to see dancing and marching of flamingos. At the beginning of my blogging journey I wrote two post about my Camargue visit, and those are among my most visited posts till date.

2) My another memorable Easter trip is to Holland to see tulip bloom. Vibrant colour of tulips and daffodils

3) Paris I visited twice first time during Easter and second time in September. The first trip is more enchanting. This romantic city during spring is captivating.

What is your favourite spring destination? What is your most memorable spring trip?


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