Midnight Sunset Boating

What you need for a magnificent sunset view- good spot, clear sky and good visibility. In Finland you need two more thing in summer to see sunset- energy and patience. Here in summer, sun stays up till late hours and you need to stay awake and wait until midnight.

Orange tint appeared at the sky of Kuus- Hukkala resort, where we arrived couple of hours back. We realised that the lake is on the westside and we have a great a chance to see the sunset by the lake. In search of an unobstructed view we walked along the shore, but could not find any.

At last we discover few rowing boats. Wow! we can go to the lake, leaving behind this trees we can have a nice view. With the joy of this new finding, I felt a surge of anxiety- ‘we need life jacket. Is the reception open at this hour of the night? If not how can I don’t go with my little one without life jacket.’ We rushed to the reception, found life jackets then finally set off. Left behind those obstructing trees.

Finally we are on the open water of kolkonjärvi lake. There is no boat in the long stretch of the water. So serene here.

We float on the water to see the how sun is going down the horizon turning the lake golden orange.

As the sun goes down we circled back towards the shore. The circled ripple move toward the setting sun to bid goodbye on our behalf. Goodbye only for few hours sun will rise soon, the summer night in Finland is really short.


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