Inktober-Ink drawing Crystal

This is not only my first inktober participation, this is also my first ink drawing. I found drawing of crystal with ink is very fascinating. Different techniques can use to bring the effect of shadow, reflection, lusture and shadow on the facet of crystal. I am using pilot drawing pen and used little water to smudge and bring the effect of reflection on crystal.

As a chemist crystal has many meaning to me. Crystal is natural material which which has specific structure. Again crystal is glass known for it’s lusture and clarity.

Th drawing below is the bottom of a crystal whiskey glass. This glass is very special to me because I cut this star by myself.


  1. I like it! When I’ve done Inktober in the past, one thing I most enjoyed was the opportunity to learn not just about ink drawing, but about different subjects as I was drawing. It looks like you’re well on your way with this challenge.


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