Rock painting- Deer for garden

Rock painting was on my bucket list. I wanted turn a rock to a wild life. This year I did my first rock painting, a deer for my garden. I always wanted to paint furry or feathery creature on the rock. I was amazed by the thought of how painting can transform a hard rock and give soft appearance.

The shape of the rock insisted me to paint a animal. Whenever I looked at the left side of the rock I see the folded back leg of a animal in my imagination. Next step was to decide what animal. As this is for garden, I thought deer is a good choice.

To bring the furry appearance, I painted the rock with layers of different colour with brush stroke in the direction of the hair. I applied dark colour around the leg and head to add shadow. The shadow brings the leg and head to the front (towards the viewer). This added a 3D effect.

Material used for Outdoor rock painting : I used acrylic colour. At the end coated with acrylic lacquer to protect from weather.


  1. in ye olden ages, when people found a stone ressembling an animal or a leaf, they did not say, that’s just so, but they said, there is a force within nature that creates forms like this. they even said this in Latin, they spoke of the “vis plastica” as a forming force inherent in nature. now look at that stone in your garden, beautiful and pure. brings about what was already in. you have seen that deer hidden in the stone, didn’t you. it was already in it, and you have brought it to light. that’s the way art works, I suppose. bringing things to light. thanks so much.

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    • Your comment is always a food for thought. I am so happy that you came in contact with you. Yes art is bringing things to light, whatever it is a thought, a feeling or a imagination.


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