Macro Snail Photography

Snail photography is fun and challenging and as well. Shiny texture, spiral shape of the shell make snail an interesting subject of macro photography.

Not only shell, the body of the snail is also interesting.

I am watching you

Macro photography of moving object is always challenging. Addition challenge for snail is is that once it goes inside the shell, the photographer has to wait a long to come it out. Once it come out from the shell and start moving, every movement is amusing from close.

umm, It’s mine
Snail with long leg


  1. these sweet an charming creatures are strongly underestimated by grown-ups, but children love to watch them for hours. are they aware of being watched? what do they think? inspite of their reputation, they are often pretty busy, but strictly minding their own business. contrary to, say, cats, they do not spend much time watching their fellow-creatures, so the bewildering question remains, what do they think? are they aware of their own grace, and are they aware that they are the object of human admiration? there is much talk of making contact with alien beings from outer space, but what about making contact with terrestrial snails? challenge, still unanswered! thanks for these beautiful and sensitive pictures. have given warmth to a cold winter evening!

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