8 New Things I did in 2021

The year 2021 is at the end, time to wrap up. Time to look back. My adventurous inner-self is always willing to do something new. Let’s look back what new I did this year.

  1. Comic art: First new thing I did this year is comic art and published that in my blog.
Snowman at school

2) Macro photography of live object: This year I did my first macro photography of live object.

Eyes of a snail

3) Graffiti: My first graffiti was a great experience

4) Rock Painting: I was so happy when I finished my first rock painting

Deer painted on rock

5) Black and white photography: I was experimenting with black and white photography and surprised to see some photos looks better in black and white than colour version.

A sleepy street in Black and white

6) Created Still life photography: Instead of ‘Found Still Photography’, I did ‘Created Still Photography’. I arranged different elements to create the scene. This time I also experimented with light. Instead of direct light I used the light from left side.

Still life

7) Miniature from Trash: Started this year and somehow obsessed now

8) Ink drawing: Ink drawing and participation in Inktober is another first time

Ink drawing- Feather

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