Train museum photography using different filter

When I planed to visit the Finnish railway museum(Suomen Rautatiemuseo) at Hyvinkää, I thought I’ll take lot of monochrome photos, that will depict the bygone era. In reality when I process my photos with monochrome filter it does not look very good. I found that other filter works better.

I used silvertone filter for the top photo in the collage below. With this filter I get my desired black and white effect along with good contrast and lustre of metallic surfaces.

Photos with silvertone, warm and vintage filter

For the wheels I choose warm filter. After adding this effect when I look at the photo my imagination shoot up, I can visualise the red hot coal in steam engine, making the surroundings hot and glowing. Last photo in this collage is with vintage effect.

Taking away colours does not always bring the desired effect. In the photos below colour breaks the monotony.

Finnish railway museum(Suomen Rautatiemuseo), Hyvinkää


  1. Thanks for those great pics. Saw your name in my inbox and knew there comes something good. Was right, learned a lot from your commentaries. These old engines, especially in the group with the colour photos, provide for something like a Dickensian feeling. Or else, poor Anna Karenina found her death under the wheels of such an engine. To think that they once really crossed the Finish landscape, in sun and snow and all weather! Thanks again, dear Somdatta, you are always good for a surprise.

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