7 reasons why it is easy to travel with small child

mad venture 6
sketching- Somdatta Deb


After months break, I am now again back to blogging. In my last post in ‘Mom story’, category I have written about challenges of traveling with small children.

Now I realize traveling was easier those days when my little one was really very little because

  1. That time I do not have to run behind my daughter. Now she is always trying to find a chance to run away. And me, luggage dragging in one hand, stumbling hundred times, shoving others, all the worries in head running behind her.
  2. In those old days Hiking and trekking was so easy. Just taking the baby on the back I can go wherever I want to and the baby is resting happily on back.
  3. In a flight she used to sleeping in the basinet not jumping over parents food.
  4. At the early age they are not very choosy about food. Happy with what you are offering.
  5. Now in flight when the cabin crews start serving from the end the little one wonders why she is not served first and starts yelling asking for food.
  6. Now I realize that we did ultimate use of stroller that time. In a spa hotel we were enjoying in swimming pool and she was at the poolside in the stroller. Happy enough seeing us from there. We do not had to spent hours in knee deep water of nursery pool.
  7. Last but not least they do not need ticket.


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